What I've been enjoying this month ... February!

Each month I am going to give a bit of a summary of what I've been enjoying that month, think book recommendations, box sets, places I've been and enjoyed! 


Where I've been ... Walt Disney World, Florida!

A bit of a biggy to start with! After a year of saving and planning, this half term I took my boys off to Orlando. It was amazing, I've never been before so was an experience for me too. February in Florida is also great for the likes of me who is very pale and melts in the sun! The temperature was usually in the high 20's, but chilly first thing in the morning, but warm enough to be in shorts and t-shirts, and also enjoy the swimming pool.  All the family loved it, was absolutely worth every penny! I will probably do a dedicated blog post on Disney, about what worked / didn't work, what deals we were able to get.



What I've been reading ... A Keeper by Graham Norton

I've become abit of a fan of Graham Nortons books. They're well written, and always a good twist to the plot. Like the other of Nortons books (Holding), this is also based in Ireland and jumps between the current day and the 60's. If you like abit of a family secrets mixed in with some Irish guilt you'll love it! I devoured it on the plane, and am now looking forward to his new book coming out later this year.



What I've been doing ... The Organised Mum Method

Most of last year I spent our home in a state of unpacking or packing, and then in a pile of rubble with the builders working on the renovation. Once it was all over, I was determined to be able to keep on top of house work and laundry, never an easy feat whatever your living arrangements! So I stumbled across The Organised Mum Method (TOMM), you don't need to be  Mum fyi! 

But its an organised system for keeping on top of cleaning, washing and decluttering. I've not been perfect in keeping up with it everyday (it involves 45mins a day on week days, 15mins at weekends), but in terms of keeping the house in a respectable and hygienic state, its working! 


What I've been using ... Jordan Samuels Skincare

For anyone who follows the skincare world, and in particular Caroline Hirons (I'm a massive fan!), then you'll probably be as excited as I was at the UK launch of the Jordan Samuels skincare line. Previously only available in the US, if you wanted it you had to stump up the international postage and customs fees to get your hands on it. So it was a wonderful day when Cult Beauty launched the line.

I've always had very sensitive skin, had to endure my teenage years with painfully spotty skin, so finding the right skincare is a constant project for me. I've started off using his Matinee Cleanser, which is a gel cleanser which I use every morning, the Retinol Treatment Oil in the evenings, and the Hydrate Facial Serum which I use morning and evening with my hydrating toner. I'm loving all the products! My skin is remaining calm, and my dehydration is definitely improving. 



Who I've been following (on IG ... not in a stalker way!!) ... Marian Keyes

I don't know why it's taken me so long to find her on Instagram! I've always enjoyed her books, her latest 'Grown Ups' is at the top of my To Read pile. She is so incredibly lovely, and quirky and fun on her IG feed.