Festive Fun in 2020

 Christmas 2020 – it sure is going to be a little different isn’t it!

The usual festive fun we get up to just won’t be the same. The trips to Santa’s Grotto, wandering around the Christmas market with the sounds and smells of Christmas everywhere, and the big parties with friends, realistically they won’t be on the cards this December. I’m not trying to make you sad, honest! Quite the opposite actually...

Instead of having a pity party on the sofa until Netflix asks that dreaded ‘Are you still watching…’, I’ve put together an advent calendar of activities to bring you a little festive cheer in the run up to the big day! I don’t expect you’ll do every single one, but I hope it gives you a spark of festive inspiration if you’re feeling a bit flat. And I highly recommend accompanying them with a cheeky glass of mulled wine too ;)


  1. Write a letter to Santa
    This is a great way to kickstart the lead up to Christmas, and can remind the little ones that whilst lots of things are a bit strange right now, Santa will still be able to visit
  1. Make your own Christmas Stockings
    You’d be surprised at how easy and fun this can be! Plus, you’ll have extra special stockings that you can bring out year on year.
  1. Clean Out Old Toys and Donate Them to a Children’s Charity
    Spread the Christmas cheer by getting rid of old bits you don’t need, it’s always a great time to give something back where you can.
  1. Make Christmas Cards for your Neighbours
    Nobody can see everyone and do everything they want this year. Sending your neighbours a card could be a small thing that brightens a gloomy winter day for them, and making them makes it extra fun for you and the kids!
  1. Make a Christmas Bauble
    You can make your own or re-decorate ones you already have, need ideas? Click here!
  1. Drive around your neighbourhood looking at the Christmas Lights, and don’t forget the Christmas songs!
    Fancy bringing out your competitive side? Make it a scavenger hunt.
  1. If you can, donate to a local food bank
    Lots of people have had a pretty rough year and could use a little help, and it’ll make you feel all warm and fuzzy too!
  1. Bake cookies for Santa (but really for you!)
    We can all agree one of the best things about Christmas is the tasty treats, right? If you need some recipe inspiration I’ve sorted that here too! 
  1. Buy a New Christmas Book
  1. Make a Pinecone Bird Feeder
    This one is something a little different, but so easy!
  1. Decorate a Gingerbread House
    Again, yummy treats – need I say more?
  1. Make paper snowflakes to decorate your window
    All you really need is paper and scissors! Check out some guides here.
  1. Family Christmas Movie Night with Popcorn (my personal favourite is Elf!)
    Grab your blankets and hot chocolates and put up your feet up for your festive favourites
  1. Make Reindeer Food for Christmas Eve
    No i-dear where to start? No problem, there’s recipes here.
  1. Write and Send Christmas Cards
    Spread some cheer with Christmas cards, you can share them out and write them as a family activity
  1. Random Acts of Kindness
    This could be anything, tiny or huge, as long as it puts a smile on someone’s face!
  1. Make a Paper Chain
    I know, the nostalgia right?!
  1. Make hot chocolate with ALL the whipped cream and marshmallows!
  1. Make a Mason Jar Snow Globe
    Get your creative juices flowing with a DIY snow globes, if you need some inspiration click here 
  1. Go for a Winter Walk
    Hat, gloves and scarf at the ready and head out for a frosty stroll in your local area
  1. Get some Christmas PJs for all the family
    Matching or not, everyone loves a new set of cosy pyjamas
  1. Leave a treat out for your postie!
    The postal service work so hard this time of year, a little thank you can mean so much
  1. Christmas Colouring In
    Print some Christmas colouring pages – you’ll find plenty to use here.
  1. Put on those matching PJs and have a family games night!
Hopefully these give you a little bit of inspiration to help you make the next month that bit more Christmassy. It’s going to be a strange time for us all, but we can definitely still enjoy it!