Ready to Ship Items

Pretty much everyday I get emails and messages asking if I can get a top sent out same/next day. Currently I have a 3 working day turnaround, so your order will be sent out 3 days after you place your order. I just wanted to explain a little bit about why I have this turnaround time.


  • All tops are made to order
  • I do this so that you can have a wide range of colours and sizes, to make a top that is just right for your little one
  • If I didn't make to order, to be able to offer all these options I would need to stock a MASSIVE amount of stock. The outlay in order to do that just isn't feasible for a small business like mine
  • The alternative would be a limited size and colour option - i.e. what you find in high street shops
  • Therefore, each day I make, pick, and press your tops and get them sent out as fast as I can, within 3 working days of you placing the order on the website. This includes full personalisations for alot of orders.
  • Sometimes I am able to get them out to you faster, but if there is a surge in orders, or I am juggling my working hours around my familys school holidays etc, then 3 days is realistic for me to get everyones orders made in

When I get messages asking me to do it faster just for them, it is a little disheartening for me. I truly do work hard to get everything out quickly to everyone, and I am very grateful that my business is keeping me so busy, however, and I am also very aware of the speed of other small businesses. 

Therefore, my solution is the Ready to Ship section. This section offers a selection of the designs from the website, they are pre-made, so are ready and waiting to be packed and despatched. These tops will be sent out on the next working day.

Or, if for example you place your order at 10am, if I have the capability that day I will get it into that days post (please note this is not guaranteed ... because .. you know ... life!)

I hope this works as a solution for everyone!