My Black Friday Intentions

Black Friday! Where do I start .... !!

A day brought to the UK by Walmart and Amazon, a day where people have lost their minds over big bargains and misplaced their decorum over a discounted TV.  


Also, a day that has frustrated smaller retailers by pushing everyone’s Christmas shopping into December, rather than manageably spread out over the winter period. Everything seems to descent into chaos, with the long days spent despatching the desperately needed orders, frantically sending them out to a postal system that’s completely overrun and overcapacity.


Go back a decade or two, and the winter sale season was for clearing out last season’s stock and discontinued items, not a mad rush to grab everything you can get your mitts on in time for Christmas! Sadly, somewhere in the last few years this seems to have become the expectation. That's why I want to give an outline of my intentions for Black Friday, as a small business, in the already mad year that is 2020, where we won't be seeing the usual immense queues and crowds as we enter Lockdown 2.0.


I know there are many small businesses who do not agree with taking part in Black Friday sales, and I am fully behind those decisions. For me, Black Friday should not be used to just discount everything. Call me old-fashioned, but I’m in the frame of mind that sales are for clearing out end of line items, so this is exactly what you can expect at Cotton and Bloom!


I have made the very exciting decision that, in January, Cotton and Bloom will be having a makeover! So, with that in mind, there are several lines that are being discontinued, and I will be putting up for sale this Black Friday.


It will follow in the same style as my previous bargain sales, there will be some great discounts to be had, and once they're gone, they really are gone.


The sale will go live on the morning of Black Friday – November 27th, 2020. Keep an eye out, as I will be posting on Social Media with the links and all the details. Plus, something exciting for those of you who are signed up to receive my emails... you’ll be getting early access! You’ll receive an email the day before with a special link to the Black Friday sale… so, if you're not already, you can sign up here, to make sure you don’t miss out!