Hi there!

Hi there! 

My name is Katherine, and I run my company Cotton & Bloom. It's a small creative business, where I design and make childrens clothes, mainly focusing on birthdays and sibling celebration tops. I'm a mother to two little boys, aged 7 and 4, who are into their superheros and football on an obsessive level!

So, what will this blog be about. I've decided to start this blog as abit of a window into my world; on celebrating birthdays - after all that is what my business is all about! Being creative with the kids, the highs and lows of running a small business. Also, being me, a mum in her 30's trying to find time for herself, being present with the kids, and also juggle the 10billion things that there are in life, all with a bit of honesty!

I launched Cotton & Bloom back in 2014, as a small business on Etsy, for something a little bit special and unique for mums who lost the love on the generic high street options. This has now developed into making something special for little ones special day, with a numerous lines and options. In that time I have learnt so much, through research, advice ... and also learning through the hardest but perhaps the best way ... through failure!

 I'm starting to rediscover my hobbies and interests now that the boys are becoming more independent, I love to read, it's how I switch off in the evenings, I enjoy my art, painting and sketching, and I'm even learning to knit! 

I do hope that you will enjoy my blogs, and even gleen some help or knowledge from them! 

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