Gifts for Kids Who Have EVERYTHING!

I’m sorry to say it, but it’s nearly Christmas… so I have another gift guide in store for you!

Are you buying a present for a child who has absolutely every toy under the sun? Or is your own little one’s overflowing toy box at capacity? We have just the thing, well 8 of the things actually!

 1. Subscription Boxes

It’s the gift that keeps on giving, literally! What better than to get something that they can enjoy and get excited about each month? With something different every time, so they’re sure to never get bored! I personally love Honeywell Bakes, both fun and delicious – it knocks a box of chocolates out of the park!


 2.Tickets to a Show

With all that’s happened this year, supporting the arts through such a tough time is something I’m passionate about. There’s nothing quite like going to the theatre and seeing a show, or even to a local venue to a concert. It might mean booking something in advance for next year, or even a gift voucher, but it’s a great way to support and it definitely won’t disappoint when the time comes!


 3. Bedroom Décor

It’s no surprise that kids take pride in their bedrooms, there’s nothing quite like making your own space feel like you! And from what I’ve heard, your child is an absolute superhero, so what better addition to their room than my Cotton & Bloom Superhero Cushion!


 4. Tickets to a Movie

Most cinemas do gift cards now, which can make for a great gift. Yes, they might have Netflix or Disney Plus, but the experience of going to the cinema is that bit more special. The smell of the popcorn, the trailers (I can’t be the only one who enjoys the trailers?!), the big screen and the surround sound… and sometimes the dozing off whilst the kids enjoy the film.


 5. Magazine Subscription

No matter their interests, there is bound to be a magazine for them! Whether it’s The Week Junior, written to engage curious minds and helping kids make sense of our world, or something related to a hobby or craft, it’s something to keep them busy and get them learning new things.


 6. Activity Passes

Are your kids always saying they want to go to the trampoline park? Visit the local climbing centre? The animal park? Maybe even GoApe? There seems to be a never-ending list of things my kids want to do and places they want to go! Gifting one is a great way to tick it off the list and gives them something to look forward to when the birthday or Christmas fun is all over!


7. Cooking classes

Know a Mini Master Chef? A kid cooking class could be just the thing. Fun and educational, not sold? You might get yourself a yummy treat out of it too!

 8. Gardening Subscription Box

These are a great way of getting your kids out in nature. Mud and Bloom gives you everything you need for 4 separate activities, including gardening and craft activities, every single month! Not only that, but it also teaches children about the seasons, plants, insects, birds, soil and rainfall.


Kids all have so many toys these days, I love giving something a little different when I can! Hopefully this list has given you a little inspiration.

One final cheeky reminder, kids are ALWAYS growing, and I know a great place you can get some awesome personalised t-shirts ;)