As we all well aware, we are now 10 days into the lockdown. I am still working, and fulfilling orders. I work in my studio in my garden, so I do not need to leave my home to work, and I work alone, so do not have any employees coming to my property.


I use the Royal Mail collection service, where a wonderful Postman comes to my home and collects my packages each day. Whilst we are going through this lockdown, the post bags are left for him to collect so we do not need to interact (I am leaving him some thank you gifts as a token of my appreciation!). 


Myself and my family are healthy, so whilst we remain in good health, I will  continue to fulfill orders. However, most of my suppliers have now closed, I always carry a decent amount of stock, but with an recent increase in demand some lines will not last for as long as I'd hoped! For those items where I am unable to purchase my ususal stock, I have sourced an appropriate alternative. The alternatives are of equivalent size and quality, so I hope all customers will remain satisfied with my products.


The other challenge we are facing is my children being at home, and the challenge of home schooling. Due to this, I am no generally working on orders in the evening. Therefore, orders are taking a day or 2 longer than usual to despatch.




Not a post I had ever anticipated needing to write! But sadly, as each day is seeing massive shifts in our world, I thought it wise to inform my customers of how I am managing my business over the coming weeks. 


Currently, I am healthy, and so is my family. My workshop, where all of my tops are made, is in my garden, so I have minimum exposure. I also work alone. So, currently it is business as usual. 


I am ensuring the workshop is thoroughly clean, and of course I am stringently following all health guidance that the government is issuing. 


Should the schools close, this will have an impact, although minimally, on my working schedule. Turnaround times may extend slightly, as I work around the family, but I am fortunate to have my workshop located so close! 


I use Royal Mail for all my deliveries, and they are currently working as normal. Should this change at all, I will of course update and work with the changes.


I do hope that all my customers remain healthy in this worrisome time. Please try not to let the anxiety of what may occur overwhelm you - I do realise that is easier said than done! I myself will be getting out into the garden, and tackling that To Do list, which never seems to get shorter!