Christmas Day Survival Kit

I think we can all agree that the Christmas period is always hectic. When I had my first Christmas with a little one, I was given the advice to have a Christmas day survival pack prepared, just to make the big day run a little smoother! Here’s a few top tips to keep you chilled this Christmas, get down to the local shop and stock up today!


  1. Batteries - no one wants an excited little one unable to play with their new remote control car because it doesn't have batteries! I really recommend stocking up, and get a range of sizes too... don't forget the AAA and AAAA, Otherwise it all might feel a bit AGGHH!
  2. A Pair of Scissors – You know, the big Sturdy ones. Have them to hand, some of the packaging out there is more secure than Fort Knox!
  3. A Mini Screwdriver - you know the type you often get in a Christmas cracker? Keep them! They're the best! Because, I had no clue of this before I had kids, but soooo many toys come screwed into the packaging! Madness.
  4. Note pad and pen – we always think we’ll remember exactly who got what and from who, but in the absolute carnage of Christmas day, sometimes it’s better to jut write it all down in order to write those thank you notes!
  5. A Stash of Back Up Gifts – you never know when you might be caught off guard by unexpected visitors / neighbours - wine and chocolates are a great go to! You don't want to be empty handed when you get that unexpected knock at the door.
  6. Bin Bags - if your home is anything like mine, it very quickly becomes a sea of wrapping paper once the presents are opened! Have a roll of bin bags to hand and sweep away all that rubbish (Don't forget that if wrapping paper has glitter on it, it can't be recycled L )
  7. Paracetamol/Aspirin – I don't think I need to explain this one, do I?! But make sure you have a pack to hand, just in case! That Christmas Eve tipple can really come back to haunt you…
  8. A final tip, courtesy of a family friend who posts this to Facebook every year due to a childhood disappointment! If you are buying your very lucky little (or not so little) one a new games console for Christmas.... set it up before you wrap it up! These days, consoles need to download a whole host of stuff before it can be played. You’ll need to allow for a couple of hours, if you don't then a very excited child very quickly becomes a little grumpy one, and that’s the last thing we need!


Hopefully this Christmas Day Survival Pack leaves you feeling a little less stressed about the big day. It can be a totally manic day, but it can also be such a lovely one. Fingers crossed these tips means you get at least 15 minutes to relax with your Christmas drink of choice!