Brexit - Implications for Cotton & Bloom

Brexit ... how many of us would like to never see that word uttered again! 

Well, we are now in the whirlwind of the aftermath, trying to work out the implications for the new trade deal. Due to the incredibly last minute nature of the agreement, and therefore a total lack of time to understand what the deal means in practice, I am sadly having to follow other retailers and temporarily suspending shipping to the EU. 

Whilst it has be published as 'a free trade agreement', the reality is rather different. Whilst there are no quota's for trade, there are paperwork implications, VAT ramifications and also potentially some Origin restrictions on products, along with customs fees, all of which it's appearing that different EU states are applying slightly differently ... *bangs head against a wall* !! 

So, whilst everyone irons out the new way of trading across boarders, I am turning off the options for delivery to EU countries. I really hope this will be temporary, but I do not want to cross any lines for both the sake of Cotton & Bloom, or for my wonderful customers. I am getting expert help, but even for the experts they are having to work hard to understand the practical applications, which all takes some time. 

Thank you for your understanding!