How to write thank you notes for kids birthday parties

 A little thank you can go such a long way, especially in times like these, when communication and connection look a little different. I don’t know about you, but I think there’s something really special about receiving a thank you note - knowing someone has taken the time to send you a personal thank you is just the loveliest thing. Not to mention it keeps the kids busy for twenty minutes!


Some may say they’re outdated, but manners will never go out of fashion! Plus, there’s nothing old fashioned about our cool Comic Book Thank You Note Pad. Whether it’s for a gift from a family member or thanking someone for attending your child’s birthday party, it’s the perfect way to get your kids practicing some gratitude.


But where to start?


  1. First of all, you’ll need some great stationery– our Comic Book Thank You Note Pad is a great place to start! With 25 pages and envelopes included you should be covered.
  2. The greeting, there’s no need for this to be formal! Just a simple greeting using the recipient’s name - especially if it’s for your child’s pals.
  3. What are you thankful for? – Did your child receive a gift? Make sure to keep a note of any presents so you can make the note as personal as possible!
  4. If your child is old enough, it’s a great idea for them to explain why they are grateful. This shows the recipient that you really put some thought into it, and offers another personal touch.
  5. Signing off – this can be a great opportunity for your kids to practice writing their name
  6. Make sure to seal the envelope, write the addresses and stick on those stamps, this can be fun for the kids too!

That’s it, signed, sealed and delivered!

In the busy world we live in where everything is online, there’s nothing quite like the personal nature of a handwritten note. Someone taking the time to thank and appreciate you in a really thoughtful way – a little note really can mean a lot!