• Brexit - Implications for Cotton & Bloom

    Brexit ... how many of us would like to never see that word uttered again!  Well, we are now in the whirlwind of the aftermath, trying to work out the implications for the new trade deal. Due to the incredibly last minute nature of the agreement, and therefore a total lack of time to understand w... View Post
  • 2020 - A look back at a crazy year

    2020 Well ... what can I say! From a personal point of view, I'm very glad to be seeing the back of 2020 ... the anxiety, the loneliness, the uncertainty ...  However, for the business it's been a slightly different perspective, not all good, but also not all bad.  When lockdown 1.0 happened back... View Post
  • Christmas Day Survival Kit

    I think we can all agree that the Christmas period is always hectic. When I had my first Christmas with a little one, I was given the advice to have a Christmas day survival pack prepared, just to make the big day run a little smoother! Here’s a few top tips to keep you chilled this Christmas, ge... View Post